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theatre for all abilities

FARM! A Musical Experience was created in 2017 and toured to special education courses in the Greater Lansing area for two years.  It is a multi-sensory, interactive musical for audiences that are neurodiverse.  FARM! follows the journey of the sock, Oliver, as he searches for his "sole" mate that has blown off the clothes line.  Through music, actor/audience member interaction, and many sensory experiences, FARM! explores the meaning of being there for one another.

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The Sense-Ability Ensemble creates innovative, multi-sensory, interactive theatrical performance for audiences that are neurodiverse.

  • The Sense-Ability Ensemble includes artists & collaborators trained in physical theatre, puppetry, music, dance, architecture, video projection, and other aspects of design


  • The Sense-Ability Ensemble performers are trained to respond sensitively, tailoring sensory experiences to individual audience members


  • The Sense-Ability Ensemble believes in the power of diversity and ability, and strives to provide theatre access for all

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SODA POP SHOP is a 1950s style musical that centers on the main character Jitterbug, who is a nervous and jittery bug.  He is uncomfortable with noise and chaos, and is worried about attending the grand opening celebration of the shop.  Through music, calming exercises, focus and friendship, Jitterbug is able to enjoy the afternoon, and his friends learn about true acceptance and inclusion.

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POND ADVENTURE is a collaborative piece with Professor Sean Ahlquist and his socio-sensory architecture team at the University of Michigan School of Architecture.  Through music and interactive play, children who are neurodiverse are able to experience the joy of the magical pond and its many inhabitants and "rehearse" essential life skills.

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